Meet AppSeriously

Quality over quantity

The team of AppSeriously has been managing mobile campaigns for over the past 15 years. We specialize in mobile monetization and customer acquisition.

We've built state of the art technology, processes and teams to ensure the success of all campaigns.

We manage all of our advertisers following our core values:

  • Determined
  • Responsive
  • Data Driven
  • Proactive
Internal Media Buying

The cleanest traffic

100% of our traffic is generated through our in-house media buying team, which buys on a CPM basis and optimizes towards CPI or CPA. We buy traffic through various trusted and well recognized DSPs as well as other 3rd party platforms.

We take the risk of buying on a CPM basis because it ensures that we have greater control over performance which in turn means cleaner traffic.

Our Tracking Partners


We are 100% open and transparent with where we buy. Let us know your expectations and we’ll meet them.

No more “black box.” You trust us, we trust you.

Working better every day

KPI Optimization

Our proprietary technology enables us to make real-time optimizations towards your KPI goals. The KPI data that attribution platforms pass back to us, is feed into our internal system which then computes to show both positive and negative trends from traffic sources.

We then scale the positive sources that are exceeding KPIs while pausing sources that are failing to meet them. This is all while we add new, vetted sources to the mix to ensure scalability without sacrificing performance.

CVR, D1, D7, ROAS, In-App Purchase (IAP)... You name it, we’ll optimize for it.


Making your money and your life easier

We pride ourselves in working direct with some of the top mobile brands in gaming, travel, utilities and many more.
Single point of connection with our SSP gives developers access to multiple premium campaigns.
Top tier supply partners enjoy much faster payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Tipalti, Check, ACH or Wire! Net-30 or faster
We're able to offer the highest CPMs to our supply sources because of our direct partnerships and premium inventory rates.
Quick integration to our lightweight SDK lets developers start monetizing their app directly or programmatically.
AppSeriously offers fast, personal and reliable customer support to all partners regardless of their revenues.