We take fraud very seriously

24 / 7 Fraud Monitoring

So seriously that we invested our time and resources into building a proprietary fraud monitoring platform designed specifically for the mobile performance industry. We monitor fraud 24/7 and alert you on a weekly basis when we sniff out any traffic that may seem suspicious.


What we monitor

Attribution Time

Short or long periods of time in which a click converts to an install.

IP & Device Fingerprinting

Allows us to track click usages over time identifying the ones driving large volumes.

Targeting Mismatches

Geography, platforms & OS versions.

Brand Safety

When our system flags forbidden keywords the link instantly renders inactive and our team is immediately notified.

Conversion Rates

High ratios of clicks-to-installs, installs-to-opens and installs-to-events by a traffic source.

Click Spamming

When a traffic source generates fake clicks programmatically when an ad is rendered.

Cloud Providers & Server Farms

Cloud computing providers and server farms allow users to drive fake clicks and installs.

App-Specific Events

When exactly a source completes certain levels of information in an app.

Ad Stacking

When a traffic source places multiple ads on top of each other but only the top ad is visible.

Proxies & VPNs

When a user bypasses filtering and targeting systems.

Click Referrers

We monitor the HTTP addresses of all our clicks identifying any forbidden keywords.